La Bonne Etoile is a collaborative catering range. 
Dishes made with creativity, love and all of Isabelle's experience in our places in Brussels. It collaborates with responsible suppliers, craftsmen concerned with the transmission of their knowledge and their values.
We also favor the development of local shops, our partners for change.
This is the reason why you will find on this platform many products resulting from collaborations with people, brands who share with us this vision of the joy of life, quality, good food and generosity.
Promote work with local farms, collaborate with renowned chefs but also with future talents in order to develop thanks to the magic of food, a collaborative, engaged and participatory range.
It’s a wish, a dream that we think is possible if we want it toWe all have a common goal: to help, educate and give of oneself to build a more just, more human world.

Highlight causes and encourage mobilization to create a better world together: this is our motto.

It is obvious that as sponsor of FREE GO in solidarity with Uccle, the Bonne Etoile should continue to support this association which helps families in great difficulty.