Isabelle Arpin, the chef with sparkling eyes. 



We no longer present Isabelle Arpin. Or if, in fact, we are still talking about this cutting-edge cook with eyes as laughing and sparkling as champagne and a spirit as lively as her cooking. This little piece of woman claims her love for the north of France where "people are faithful in friendship for life" as she likes to say.

Of Hispano-Egyptian origin, adopted at the age of ten months, she spent a happy childhood in the French countryside, which would already forge her future contrasted personality that we will find later in her kitchen.

However, nothing initially predisposed this explosive character to a career behind the stove ... Indeed, she had first obtained a degree in finance in Paris.

One day, while helping out a restaurant friend, she will realize that she has the wrong vocation. Back in her native North, she then obtained a new diploma at the hotel management school of Dunkirk, to find herself, a few years later, in Ostend, a city she particularly likes.

After working for a few years in the city of James Ensor, at the restaurant Auteuil among others, Isabelle will then be hired in Brussels, at the restaurant Alexander, to replace the founder, Alexandre Dionisio, then left for the “Villa in the Sky”. There, she won hands down the challenge of winning back the star lost by this establishment in less than a year. No doubt, his cuisine, which is as personal as it is aesthetic in every sense of the word, is a delight for the eyes as well as the palate!

We then find Isabelle Arpin at the head of the furnaces of WY, the restaurant in the Mercedes showroom located at the top of the Grand Sablon under the leadership of Flemish chef Bart De Pooter. Here too, she quickly took her marks and, through a very personal culinary art, retained the Michelin star.

Then, one fine day, she finally decides to open her own address ... under the name Isabelle Arpin.

The chef decides to take on a great challenge once again, but in a much simpler environment. In his eyes, direct contact with customers is a source of inspiration and additional energy which greatly contributes to his creativity. She really has the impression, in this atmosphere, of welcoming friends to whom she can smile or tell a joke ...

And then comes La Bonne Etoile.

Isabelle Arpin has always been a committed woman. She makes it a point of honor to unite her teams and those close to her in the battles that are dear to her. 

His commitment during the Covid Crisis in favor of caregivers and the homeless was rewarded by the presence alongside Guillaume Gomez, head of the Elysee, in the book "The heroes of the coronavirus ". 

Isabelle is also godmother of the association Free Go Solidarity where she works with volunteers throughout the year to help families in need.


Isabelle Arpin’s cooking today goes to the essentials, with taste as the main objective. A constant concern for taste that does not depart from a refined dressage aesthetic, also in the delivery service. 

These same contrasts are found in the very important work of textures in all the gourmet compositions of the chef, as comfortable with seafood as those of the land. A culinary art essentially based on the products that she loves and that she has at her disposal.

 Isabelle Arpin is a magician of taste.